Treatment of Piles

Piles or hemorrhoids are swollen vessels or inflamed tissues in the lower part of anus or rectum. The vessels swell up and become itchy and painful. Piles can affect men and women at any age. Women are usually gripped with piles during their pregnancy period.

There are abundant allopathic medications available for the treatment of piles but no doubt they leave a side effect on the body. Surgeries or operations prescribed are very painful and incurs a huge expenditure. Treatment of piles is best assured in Ayurveda because they comprise of ancient herbs and natural ingredients. They do not pose any external threat to the body and are cost-effective too.

Vedas Cure offers its range of products that are completely herbal, cost-effective, ensures zero side effects and speedy recovery. Its products are specialized in the treatment of piles because they have been composed from natural products.

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Let’s have a detailed view of the products and their composition-

  1. VEDAS PILES CUREVedas piles cure is effective in treating piles and constipation. It also improves the digestive system and treats gastric problems. It is composed of amla, giloy, gulabfool, ritha curna, gokhrudana, neemfal, mulethi, sanay, chavaya, makoybeej, etc. All of these ingredients are herbs fetched from nature’s kitchen. They are effective in correcting the fitness of our stomach. These herbs are the ancient ways of treating the piles used and trusted by our ancestors. Herbal products do not cost much and also treat piles naturally and do not fetch any complications. Intake of 5gms of Vedas piles cure powder is effective in treating piles. It should be taken twice a day before breakfast and dinner for excellent results.
  2. JATYADI TAIL-  This product is in a form of oil composed of herbs. It is effective in treating itchiness, burning sensation, and pain.  It fights with germs and microbes and also reduces the swelling. Not only for piles, but it is magical for any wound on the body. Its composition is beneficial for treating wounds and swollen tubes in piles. Any cut, burn or puss-filled bristles are also cured with jatyadi tail. It cures them like a magic wand and also softens the skin.
  3. ARSHAANTAK VATI- this is effective in treating both external and internal piles. It is also effective in treating constipation, irritation, itching, and even loss of appetite. It is in the form of tablets. These tablets taken twice a day after meals with lukewarm water show extraordinary results. It is composed of many herbs like- Triphala Ext, Choti harad, piyaj, sudh gugglu, and babool gond. They are extracted from either their fruit or resins. They have a history of curing patients from piles and are effective.
  4. SAPTVINSHATI GUGGLU- This is beneficial for piles, fissure, canker, and even sinus. It also treats heart, ribs and lower abdomen pains. It is multi pain killer and beneficial. The product is in the form of tablets and is effective in treating problems related to the urethra and urinary tract. It is also effective in skin problems, leprosy, elephantiasis, and hernia. Consumption of 1-2 tablets in a day is recommended for effective results.
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