Treatment of Fitsula

Fissure is a cut in the external skin layer called mucosa. This is a small tearing of the moist skin around the anus, thus called as Anal Fissure. Anal fissure is the cracking of skin due to external force or pressure applied on the moist skin.

It is characterized by intense pain, swelling and inflammation. Passing fecal matter is followed by bleeding. Bloody stool is the characteristic feature of fistula. 

Among the various causes of fistula, the major reason is constipation. 

Treatment of fistula involves correcting constipation in mild cases and surgical intervention is indicated in severe and chronic form of fistula.

Vedas Cure provides treatment for fistula that not only manages constipation but also treats the root cause for fistula.

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The treatment provided by the Vedas cure is as follows:

  1. Vedas fistula Cure
  2. Jatyadi Tail
  3. Arshaantak Vati
  4. Saptvinshati Guggulu
  • Vedas Fistula Cure: Vedas cure provides the most unique herbal composition for the treatment of fistula. It treats the disease with natural ingredients that prove to have less to nil side effects.Vedas fistula cure has natural herbs like indrajau, kaaknasha, punarnava mool, chitrak mool, dhayphool, gulab phool, gokhru dana, mulethi, neem phal,hariki, rasoth, etc. These herbs reduces constipation issue, corrects gastric problems, improves digestion. It reduces body heat as the constituents in it provide cooling effect to the stomach. 
  • Arshaantak Vati: contains natural herbs like pyaaj, suddh guggulu, babool gund, etc. It reduces pain, irritation, swelling and provides relief to the symptoms of fistula. Arshaantak Vati helps increase appetite.
  • Jatyadi Tail: jatyadi oil is recommended for local application. When used on the wounds and cut, it reduces pain, redness, swelling and irritation. 
  • Saptvinshati Guggulu: this formulation helps reduce pain and inflammation associated with painful bowel movements. Reduces the problems of urinary tract and urethra.

Vedas fistula Cure, Jatyadi Tail, Arshaantak Vati and Saptvinshati Guggulu are prescribed for the management of fistula. These herbal formulations are used. 

  • For better results have a balanced diet with fresh fruits and vegetables. 
  • Take foods that have high fiber content. 
  • Increase liquid intake. 
  • Lead a healthy and active life style rather than sedentary life style.
  • Avoid constipation and chronic diarrhea.
  • Say NO to street or oily food.
  • Avoid junk food and prefer home-made fresh food.
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