Treatment of Fissures by Vedas Cure

treatment of fissures by vedas cure

Fissure or anal fissure is a condition in which tissues present in the lower part of anal tears. It leaves a cut in the lower part of anus or rectum. The tissue is called mucosa and is witnessed by bloody discharge in garments or washroom.

Fissure usually recovers on its own within 3-4 weeks but it pains and burns a lot. Immediate treatment of fissure is required to prevent future consequences. If proper attention and medications are not supplied, the condition may become serious enough for surgery.

To save ourselves from a serious medical procedure, Vedas Cure’s range of products are the best alternatives. These products are a way out of the pain and quick relief.

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Following are the products for the treatment of fissure-

  1. ARSHAANTAK VATI- these tablets are made from herbal plants. The ingredients are fetched from the flowers, raisins, or stems of the plant. The ingredients included are – Triphala Ext, Choti harad, piyaj, sudh gugglu, and babool gond. These tablets increase the blood flow to the anal area and provide the necessary nutrients required to heal the cut. They are also effective in piles too. These tablets heal the tissue and also make them resistant to further wear and tear.
  2. SAPTVINSHATI GUGGLU- this product is very good and clinically proven for treating fissure, canker, and sinus too. It also cures the urinary tract diseases. It nourishes the area around anus and rectum and boosts the procedure of healing. It also heals from lower abdomen pains too. Consuming 2 tablets a day heals from a fissure within no time and relieves from the burning sensation.
  3. JATYADI TAIL- This oil is very good in treating any cuts or burns, be it internal or external. It is composed of herbs. Its anti-bacterial components heal the cuts and burns. It shows exemplary results in the case of fissure by curing the tear in the tissues. It also heals the area around that is affected by the tear.
  4. VEDAS PILES CURE- This product treats both piles and fissure. It is effective in both problems because it treats constipation. Constipation and passing hard stool are the prime reasons for fissure. Vedas piles cure cures constipation and soften the stool and gives a way to fissure to cure. It is composed of amla, giloy, gulabfool, ritha curna, gokhrudana, neemfal, mulethi, sanay, chavaya, makoybeej, etc.

Vedas Cure products are successful and most trusted by the users because they do not include any chemical compositions. These products are completely herbal composition and therefore do not pose any complications or threats.


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