Piles Pain

Piles Pain

Piles Pain

We all know the symptoms of piles are heartbreaking. The most common symptom includes intense pain. Piles of pain are sometimes unbearable. The pain exceeds the maximum when a person is defecating. The passage of stool makes the pain intense and unbearable. In case your stools are hard, it makes it more difficult for the patient to bear the pain. The hard stool hurts your inflamed hemorrhoids the maximum. The intense pain and discomfort make the person shock in terror. The next time the person used to start avoiding the loo.   

Now when the patient starts avoiding the loo, the next thing which attacks is constipation. Due to escaping the loo, the person starts feeling constipated. Constipation makes the stool hard which creates extra pressure on the inflamed hemorrhoids. 

You need to take extra care of your piles of pain. Following a few precautions will ease out your pain and soothe the irritation too. Follow these easy tricks to ease your discomfort and stop ending up yelling in pain and discomfort.

Never strain your bowel: –

Straining your bowel movement is going to make your hemorrhoids worse. Whenever you feel like you should go to the loo without any delay. Further delay will make the stools hard which will give a painful passage. Take some time to evacuate your bowels and always drink one glass of water before going to the loo. You can also use stool softeners to soften your stools. 

Sitz bath: –

You can do a sitz bath to soothe your inflamed hemorrhoids. All you need to do is sit on a tub with lukewarm water. The warmth of the water will help your inflamed hemorrhoids to heal. The pain, swelling, irritation, and itching will be healed to the greatest extent.  

Stick to a more liquid diet and add more water content in your body: –

Try to include the maximum amount of liquid in your body. Drink at least 10 to 12 glasses of water in a day. Along with water try to add juicy fruits, vegetables, soups, coconut water along with lime juice. Excess water in your body will keep you hydrated and will facilitate a smooth and easy bowel movement. 

Add fiber content in your body: –

Try to include fruits and vegetables which are rich in fiber content. The fiber helps to add bulk to the stool and allow an easy bowel movement. Fiber enriched food contains roughage. Roughage helps the food material to pass the bowel and facilitate the smooth passage of stool with less pain and discomfort.    

Take milk with desi ghee in the night: –

Before going to bed during the night. Try to take one glass full of milk with one spoon of desi ghee. This combination will help your constipation and will relax your ailing anal muscles and facilitate easy passage of stools.


Keep your anal area clean: –

Although this will not help in your intense pain but will heal your piles soon. Pat your area dry with the help of smooth wet tissue paper. Try to clean your anal area whenever you go to the loo. 

Heal it with ice: –

Ice can be beneficial for your painful piles. It helps to constrict your pain, reduces the swelling, and gives immediate relief in the pain. In this procedure, you have to first wrap the ice in the cloth. Next, you have to directly apply it to your affected area. Let it stay there for around 10-12 minutes. Repeat the procedure to 2-3 times in a day to keep your pain away.


Apple cider vinegar: –

This also works like magic. Due to its astringent property, apple cider vinegar helps to heal the inflamed hemorrhoids. It ends up shrinking of the swollen hemorrhoids. Take a cotton piece and dab a little amount of apple cider vinegar. Apply it on the affected area. Keep it for around 20 minutes. At first, you will experience a stinging and burning sensation but it is just fine. It will help you in calming the intense pain. 

 Piles of pain are not so easy to live with. With the physical break down patients loses his/her patience even emotionally. With appropriate tricks and appropriate care, you can calm your pain. You need to take special care of yourself throughout the treatment. Patience and dedication are also very necessary, you need not break down in between the treatment. 

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