Internal Hemorrhoids

We all are aware of piles, they can be extremely painful and show severe symptoms if not treated early. However, piles can be further classified as internal and external piles. They both have different symptoms and treatments. However, both of them needs immediate treatment before its symptoms make your life hell. Early diagnosis of piles (internal or external) is very necessary. As it helps in early commencement of the treatment and the duration of treatment also decreases. As old your piles become the treatment becomes more strenuous.

Piles can be on two types based on their location. Internal piles and external piles, both of them can ruin your life if not properly treated. Here we will discuss internal hemorrhoids.

Let us begin with internal hemorrhoids. They lie inside the rectum, never used to pain, swell or have inflammation. The reason behind this is that they are not covered with any skin and do not have any contact with the skin. When hemorrhoids become engorged, bleeding is the only symptom visible. However, these hemorrhoids can anytime prolapse from the anus and stretch downward. It results in increased bleeding and a feeling of a large lump coming out from the anus. Prolapsed hemorrhoids can hurt but fortunately, they can be inserted back into the rectum. You can even take help with your doctor, they will help you in doing so.

Internal hemorrhoids do not show any symptoms until you have a bowel movement. During a bowel movement, the stool rubs the hemorrhoids which result in bleeding. Beeding occurs profusely even the stool becomes bloody especially the outside layer of the stool.

Internal hemorrhoids are not covered up with the help of any skin. However, there is a layer of

columnar epithelium. It is the same layer that is used to cover the inside of the rectum.

Internal hemorrhoids can be graded based on the number of hemorrhoids being prolapsed. For example: –

Grade I hemorrhoid: – It does not prolapse easily and is merely a prominent blood vessel.

Grade II hemorrhoid: – This can prolapse when you bear down but suck back in spontaneously when you are not straining.

Grade III hemorrhoid: – This prolapses easily upon bearing down and there is a requirement of manual reduction.

Grade IV hemorrhoid: – In this grade, the hemorrhoid is prolapsed and it is impossible to manually reduce the hemorrhoids.

Now the question arises that how will you come to know that you have internal hemorrhoid?

Internal hemorrhoids symptoms

In general internal hemorrhoids do not show any of the symptoms. The only symptom seen is bleeding. You can experience bleeding when there is a bowel movement or in case of the hemorrhoid prolapse. The prolapsed hemprrhoid can be easily felt outside the anus. This furthermore leads to itching and pain as well.

You can see prolapse of internal hemorrhoid in the following condition. When there is a swelling in the internal hemorrhoid and their location is extended in the rectum through the anus. Your internal hemorrhoids have prolapsed if you experience the underlying condition: –

Internal hemorrhoids treatment

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The ayurvedic natural herbs not only treat your piles but purify and strengthen the body from within. We suggest you not to go with any surgery or any other allopathic treatment.

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