Hemorrhoids during pregnancy

Hemorrhoids during pregnancy

Hemorrhoids during pregnancy


Yes, you read it correctly, Hemorrhoids during pregnancy. So you must be aware that both the conditions are not very simple to handle individually. What will happen when a female is experiencing piles during her pregnancy? It is nothing serious. It is very common to develop piles for women during her pregnancy. 

However, at any age can develop piles. However, pregnant women used to develop it more often. Around 25 to 30 percent of women develop piles during her pregnancy.  

The main reason behind this is that when a woman has a baby in her womb it creates more pressure on the veins. Also, the blood circulation in your body increases while you are pregnant. Also, your body used to produce a large amount of progesterone which turns out the veins inflated and swelled. 

Out of the above reasons, constipation plays a major role in pregnant women. Constipation is quite common in pregnancy which ultimately leads to piles. 

  Symptoms of piles in pregnant women

Pregnant women with piles will experience intense pain in her anal canal while defecation. In piles, the veins used to swell up and become painful. In some cases, it may also hand down during or after the passage of stools. Some of the other symptoms include: – 

Visible blood spots during or after passing of stool, commonly seen while wiping it with a tissue. This can be stressful and heartbreaking. After going to the loo, still, you feel like that your bowels are still full. There is a discharge of the mucous after going to the loo. The regular feeling of irritation and itching around your anus. 

How can pregnant women avoid piles in her pregnancy? 

If women take proper care of her during her gestation period, piles cannot affect him in any way. However, it is quite common to have piles during your pregnancy. But by taking certain preventive measures you can keep piles at bay.

  The most important part which you should include is to consume lots of liquid diets which can be in the form of vegetable, fruit juices, vegetable soups, fresh and juicy fruits along with the good quantity of water. Almost 20% of ailments would be at bay if you used to drink a good quantity of water every day. A good quantity of water will help you to remain hydrated and away from constipation. 

A diet rich in fiber content is very important. A full meal should comprise of fruits, vegetables, whole grains along with wholemeal bread. 

In spite of your pregnancy try to exercise regularly to increase your blood circulation. Try to do pelvic floor exercises, this will help your pelvic muscles to strengthen and will facilitate your normal delivery. You can go through the various pregnancy exercises easily available on the internet today. 

Never try to strain while you are in the toilet ready to defecate. Straining will make your piles worse. Always try to drink one glass of water before going to the washroom. This will ease out your bowel movement.

Now the question arises whether piles dangerous during pregnancy? 

The answer is complete no. Piles do not interfere with the pregnancy or the development of the child. However, it may cause certain distress or discomfort to you as it is a painful condition.

 It is very important to follow certain tips which will help you to keep your piles away: –

Pregnant women should try to avoid sitting or standing for too long as doing so will exert pressure on your swollen veins. 

You can go with the cold compress. As a cold compressed is a piece of cloth dipped in cold water. This will help you to ease out your inflamed sores around your anus along with rectum area.

   If possible you can have a good sleep on your left side. This will ease out the pressure on the abdomen and will give you relief. 

While defecating, do not strain as straining makes your piles even worse.

After defecation, wipe your anus with moist tissue paper, this will easily clean your anus. A dry tissue paper can irritate the smooth skin of the anus. During wiping instead of rubbing your skin try to pat dry. This won’t hurt your skin and keep it clean and less inflamed. 

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