Hemorrhoids and bowel movement

Hemorrhoids and bowel movement

Hemorrhoids and bowel movement

Hemorrhoids and bowel movement are not so easy to deal with. They are painful and pathetic for a patient. The pain of piles is so heartbreaking that it ruins the day to day life of a person. The person is unable to cope with the day to day challenges due to piles. He remains distracted even in his/her office. The worst part of piles is that due to embarrassment, the patient is not able to share his symptoms with their colleagues or co-workers.   

Problems of piles patient: –

The most common problem with piles patient includes that they are ashamed of their medical condition. They do not share their symptoms with anyone. They think that if anyone would come to know of their piles, they would merely leave as a part of the joke. Due to least importance given to their symptoms, leads to the progression of the ailment. Delay in the diagnosis of the Piles disease worsens the pain along with the symptoms. Constipation is the most common symptom which gets worsens. 

Constipation eventually makes the stool harder. Passage of hard stool requires more straining. Straining further irritates the inflamed and swollen piles which lead to bleeding piles. Due to intense straining, the swollen piles get more irritated and hurt a lot.

 Hemorrhoids and bowel movement go altogether. Due to constipation, the bowel movement moves slowly hurting the walls of the intestine. Always remember that if you want a healthy and active bowel movement always try to add more amount of fiber, roughage, water content, fresh fruits, and vegetables in your diet. All these will facilitate you with a smooth and clean bowel movement.

Fiber, roughage, and liquid-based diet help to add bulk to your stool. This further helps to make your stool soft due to the presence of water content. When your stool becomes soft, it doesn’t hurt your bowels. It is also helpful to your hemorrhoids which become quite painful while you pass hard stools.

However, piles are not a bowel movement problem. It is not directly related to the function of bowel movement. Yet, the condition of piles gets worse when there is bowel movement dysfunctionality. If you will keep your bowel movement in good condition more than 80 % ailments would be at bay. So, to keep your bowel movement in good condition tries to include more amounts of probiotics in your diet. 

Probiotics – A healthy start

Probiotics are healthy to live bacteria that help to improve your gut flora. Yogurt is the best example of probiotics. It contains friendly healthy live bacteria which is a boon for your gut. There are multiple of fermented drinks that you can consume and improve your gut health.

Probiotics help to keep your gut healthy, they also combat many gut-related disorders which include bowel syndrome, diarrhea, constipation, ulcerative colitis, and many more. Probiotics are generally live bacteria that are beneficial when consumed daily.

Piles in conclusion: –

In conclusion, by keeping your gut healthy with the help of probiotics you can combat multiple ailments. Yes, hemorrhoids come among them. The main reason for hemorrhoids includes constipation. You can add dietary fiber along with probiotics in your daily eating habits to keep your piles away. Along with this, you will remain free from hemorrhoids if you have a clean bowel movement. 


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