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Anal fistula is an abnormal tunnel that starts from the anal canal and ends in the skin near to the anus.

  • This is a very rare condition that is seen only in very few people in India.
  • This canal is mostly infected, i.e it is filled with abscess(collection of puss surrounded by an inflamed tissue).
  • This puss is formed as a result of a bacteria or faecal matter clogging the anal canal.
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  • Most fistulas are tube like structures.
  • This infection in the anal canal is caused when the glands inside the anus gets tangled.
  • As a result of this a person can experience swelling and immense pain in the anus.
  • This is a serious condition as it won’t heal on its own.
  • If the abscess is not taken care of immediately, it grows repeatedly.
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