A fissure is a minute tear in a thin tissue that lines the anus. This tissue is known as mucosa. It is identified as bright red bleeding in the garments or washroom. The fissure is painful after defecation. It pains and bleeds after the bowels movement. It can occur from young children to adults. The anus lining tears when hard stool is passed during the bowels movement. It usually gets cured naturally in 3 to 4 weeks but medical advice is required. Sometimes it may even worsen and the bloody discharge may also increase along with pain. It is also itchy, burning and pains a lot.

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The tear or cut in the anus tissue is minor and usually appears like a paper cut. However, it is not visible through naked eyes and heals automatically within a few days. Sometimes, the cut is a bit deep and therefore is unable to heal on its own. In such cases, a minute surgery is advised to heal the fissure. Adults suffer from fissure mainly because of acute constipation, diarrhea, or when passing hard stool. It is also common among children because they usually suffer from constipation and then pass hard stool which may lead to fissure. Teenagers are prone to fissure because of the limited supply of blood to the mucosa. Women also suffer from fissure during pregnancy because of the straining during delivery.

To cure anal fissure, a high fibrous diet is recommended. Since in most cases fissures are cured on their own so home remedies come into use. Only when a fissure is not cured within 4 to 6 weeks, doctors suggest a surgery. Doctors diagnose fissure just by looking at the area around the anus. To cure it naturally fibrous diet and fluids are very effective. They soften the stool and give anus a chance to cure the fissure. Apart from fluids and fibrous diet, some ointments are also prescribed. These ointments increase the blood flow to the area which also promotes healing of the fissure. Pain killer ointments also proved successful in treatment and eases from the painful sensations.

Yet, after 2 weeks of home remedies, if the things do not improve a doctor must be consulted. He will diagnose the area and recommend ointments that are necessary depending upon the symptoms. There may be some underlying threats which a doctor can diagnose and warn you about. Therefore it is necessary to visit the doctor if the symptoms do not improve.

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