exercise for piles

Exercise for piles

Exercise for piles

Nowadays many of us face the problem of constipation due to an unbalanced diet and bad lifestyle. The common outcome of this is Piles. The main cause for this would be strained bowel movements. So let us have a look at the exercises for piles to reduce the stress.

  • Walking – Regular walk is the best practice. This increases flexibility in muscles and also increases blood flow which supplies proper oxygen to the affected area.
  • Gym – Surprisingly yes! Regular gymnastic exercises which help in better cardiovascular movements and muscular activities definitely help in the betterment of bowel movements. This reduces blood pressure and helps proper bowel movements. Please do these practices with your instructor.
  • Pelvic Floor Exercises – The muscles which wrap pelvic openings are pelvic floor muscles. Strong pelvic floor muscles help in regular bowel movement. The exercises which strengthen pelvic floor muscles could be practiced lifelong.
  • Managing proper Bodyweight – Overweight and obesity always leads to the risk of improper bowel movements. Abdominal fat increases pressure on pelvic floor muscles which causes constipation and this may lead to piles. Good food habits and having proper roughage in your diet helps to manage proper Bodyweight.
  • Practice Yoga – Yoga is a better remedy that maintains your health, body fitness, regular bowel movements. Get to know about right asanas by a Yoga practitioner which could be practiced according to your body comfort.
  • Relaxing and Relief technique – To manage the pain and pressure you could follow this technique. Have warm water in a wide tub, add some salt. Comfort yourself by resting your anal region inside that warm water. This helps in relaxation and pain relief.
  • Good practices – Some routine habits which we follow unknowingly also lead to piles. So it is better to follow a proper routine. * Do not sit for too long time. * Do not avoid or postpone the process of emptying your bowel. Attend nature calls on time!

*Do not strain too much. This causes increased pressure in veins.

*Drinking warm water is a good practice to promote proper bowel movement.

*Do not lift heavy weights which increases pressure on pelvic floor muscles.

*Do not pressure your anus to empty your bowel.

*Avoid unsafe exercises that put pressure on your pelvic floor muscles such as sit-ups, cycling, horse riding, squatting.

*Take regular intervals from prolonged work. These are the exercises and best practices that could be followed to avoid or to manage piles

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