• Fissure is the scientific term for the abrupt tearing of the skin around the anal region. The cut that seems visible and felt also is called fissure. This is associated with pain and swelling.
  • Fistula is the term to define the abnormality of the body. Fistula refers to the abnormal, spontaneous development of the canal like structure that connects the organs with one another. There are different types of fistulas depending upon the nature of development of the canal like structure.



  • The fissure is formed due to various reasons. The primary reason for the development of fissure is constipation. The tearing of the skin around the anus is due to constipation, as pressure is exerted on the nearby muscles and veins when the stool becomes hard. It can also develop bypassing large bowel stools. Hardened stools tear the anal region as the skin around the anus is quite delicate. It gets torn off by putting pressure on it.
  • The fissure is formed in response to the obstruction of the organ or the vein by pus or fluid. To drain off the excess fluid or pus from the organ, fissure like structure is formed. It connects the two organs or connects veins to arteries. 
  • The fissure is associated with pain and swelling. Fistula is painful and makes the person distressful.  



  • Fissure generally does not require medical attention. It can be managed personally at home. By following VEDAS CURE remedies fissures can be treated. It does not require medical treatment and procedures. It can be easily treated by non-medical procedures.  
  • By altering the diet plan, adding up the fiber and stool softening agents to the diet help to resolve the fissure. The fissure is usually self-treatable. It recovers on its own in 3 to 6 weeks of time.
  • Fistula requires medical attention. Surgical intervention is needed for the fistula. Depending on the nature and region of development surgical intervention is planned.
  • The various types of fistula are arteriovenous fistula, obstetric fistula, anal fistula. 
  • The fissure can be managed by consuming a balanced diet and adequate physical exercise. Along with this, it recovers within 3 to 6 weeks of duration. 
  • Fistula requires medical intervention.
  • Vedas cure has formulated different products to treat fissure and fistula.



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