Diet for Hemorrhoids

Diet for Hemorrhoids 

Diet for Hemorrhoids


If you are wondering that is there any special diet for hemorrhoids, then it is yes. If you experience any of the symptoms of piles. You need to stick to a special and nutritious diet for hemorrhoids sufferers which are loaded with fiber, vitamins, and minerals along with lots of liquid content.

The adequate and best diet for hemorrhoids will help you a lot in healing your hemorrhoids. The main cause of piles includes constipation. About 80% of the population is suffering from one or another stomach problem. A person feels constipated when the digested food is not able to pass easily through the bowel. Food which is loaded with fiber helps a lot to add bulk to the stool and allow easy passage of the stool.

What to eat for hemorrhoids?

A high fiber diet for hemorrhoids is very important. Further, let us have a closer look at this. A food item that includes seeds, nuts, whole grains, legumes, various fruits, and vegetables have roughage, which is an edible fiber. Roughage remains undigested (insoluble fiber) in our body and helps in facilitating a smooth move in our digestive system. Insoluble fiber adds bulk to our intestines and facilitates a smooth movement throughout the digestive tract. Insoluble fiber absorbs a good quantity of water and turns up swelling into a gel. It further, facilitates keeping the bowel movement soft and helps in an easy passage.

Our diet plays a major role in your hemorrhoids. Diet and hemorrhoids go hand in hand. Connective tissue, blood vessels along with the muscles located at the anal canal when combined, give rise to hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids when healthy and functional help to maintain the fecal continence. It also keeps an eye on the liquid, so that it could not get escape through the sphincter which is present at the end of the digestive tract. 

Food items which you should avoid when you have hemorrhoids

So while preparing a diet plan for your hemorrhoids, you should keep in mind the things which you have to completely avoid. The food items which you need to strictly avoid include refined sugars, cakes, pastries, white bread, donuts, and pies. Along with all these, caffeinated and carbonated drinks must be completely avoided. As we know that caffeine works as a stimulant. It increases the blood flow of the inflamed hemorrhoids making your condition even worse. 

Try to include a liquid diet for hemorrhoids. The liquid should be healthy and not carbonated. The healthy liquid includes coconut water, sugarcane juice, fresh fruit and vegetable juices, vegetable soup, buttermilk, and milk. All these liquid diets will help to add fiber content in your body and the liquid content will help to keep the stool soften. Furthermore, it will facilitate a soft and easy bowel movement.

You must include all these food materials in your diet and stick to it. A good diet plan for hemorrhoids will help to smooth the hemorrhoids symptoms in a natural way. In case you want a diet plan. You can contact to our Ayurvedic Doctors at Vedas Cure. They will give you the best diet plan for hemorrhoids. Our diet plan will constitute healthy, nutritious food items that are easily accessible and great for your piles. So go through our website and pen down every detail regarding your piles. Website details


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