Causes of Piles

Piles are swollen vessels or inflamed tissues in the lower part of anus or rectum. It can affect men and women at any age. There is no particular age group for the disease. It is usually caused by chronic constipation or lifting heavy weights at regular intervals. Women usually suffer from piles during their pregnancy period. The causes of piles may vary. Some researchers think that causes of piles are just the normal study of body structures, while others think it as abnormal. Piles are addressed abnormal because it creates a problem only when the vessels swell.

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There are some more causes of piles-

  • Intake of a low-fiber diet is the prime cause of piles. Less intake of fiber results in an increase in the strain for stool. This strain also reaches the blood vessels resulting in swelling. The strain during bowel movement results in inflamed and painful tissues in the lower part of the anus.
  • Women are also prone to piles but most of them suffer during pregnancy. This happens because of the enlarged uterus. This enlarged uterus exerts pressure on rectum and anus both. Increased pressure and strain over the area swells the blood vessels. Apart from the strain by the enlarged uterus, a woman suffers abundant hormonal changes. These hormonal changes weaken the muscle support of anus and rectum and result in piles.

  • Sitting on the toilet seats for a long time can also result in the piles. Adults have now developed a habit to sit for a longer time accompanied by their gadgets. They do not realize that they have spent more than stipulated time on the toilet seat because they are engrossed in their mobiles or tabs. This has become the prime reason nowadays for an increase in the case of piles.

  • Chronic and acute diarrhea is also one of the causes of piles because of the continuous passing of stool. Though it is low and less common cause of piles yet it is still a cause to worry about

  • Overweight and obesity also result in piles. Reducing a few pounds of weight usually cures piles. An overweight individual tends to strain over the bowels movement and become prone to piles.

  • If you were a patient of colon cancer or had any spinal injury then you are more prone to piles. Incorrect posture during bowels movement or after also results in piles.

The causes of piles are some common day to day activities or food habits that are ignored intentionally or unintentionally. They prove that every penny counts. Our daily lifestyle should be focused and taken care of to prevent ourselves from such disease

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