Can Hemorrhoids cause anemia

Can Hemorrhoids cause anemia

Can Hemorrhoids cause anemia?

Here we are going to discuss whether hemorrhoids can cause anemia? However, anemia is not seen in 100% hemorrhoids patients, but the chances are high. The bleeding piles can easily give rise to anemia. The major symptom of piles includes rectal bleeding. When there is a loss of blood from the body it will slowly and gradually result in anemia. 

 Hemorrhoids and anemia

 Here we will discuss two serious conditions namely hemorrhoids and anemia. As we all know that anemia is a medical condition where the iron content of the body is low. Hence it hinders the body to make more amounts of red blood cells. The main role of RBC is to facilitate oxygen to the body organs. Then there is the deficiency of RBS in the body, oxygen is not properly transferred to the main body organs. In turn, it leads to various medical health conditions which are mentioned below. Each of the medical condition is not life-threatening but it should be treated at earliest to avoid any further serious condition. 

 Symptoms of Anemia

 Pale skin, tiredness, fatigue, laziness, headaches are some of them. If a person has anemia, you will found him or her complaining about headaches or tiredness along with weakness most of the times. Most of the people are unaware that they have anemia. They used to do their all household work, go to the office and enjoy their daily meal. When they used to experience tiredness after eating sufficient food and rest then they rush to their doctor. 

 A person can have anemia due to multiple reasons. It could be due to hemorrhoids, internal injury, severe blood loss, excessive menstruation, polyps, ulcers and many more. It is true that if a person has hemorrhoids, he will experience rectal bleeding. Bleeding from any part of the body can easily give rise to anemia. In piles/hemorrhoids, a person used to bleed whenever he used to defecate. The blood is a bright red color. Due to constipation, the patient used to consume less food. So the nutrient level in the patient also goes down. Which is the reason the patient feels lazy and weak? 

 How can one avoid Hemorrhoids?

 However, anyone can develop hemorrhoids. The chances are high in those who do not add fiber-enriched diet in their diet and do not drink a sufficient amount of water. Those people who used to sit or stand for too long can easily develop piles. If, you have extended office hours you need to keep moving for a few minutes. Take a break and relax your legs and muscles. Drinking a good quantity of water helps to keep every ailment at bay. 

 When you drink a good quantity of water, it helps to soften your stool and add bulk to your stool which allows a soft passage of the stool. Do not exert too much while you are passing your stools, if you are unable to do so you can use stool softeners. They will help you to soften your stool, allowing a soft passage. Wipeout your anus after defecation with a moist tissue. This will prevent any rash or irritation on your butt region. If you will follow the above-mentioned conditions, you can prevent your piles from occurring or even help your hemorrhoids so that it can recover at the earliest. 

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