Hemorrhoids in Children 

Hemorrhoids in Children 

Hemorrhoids in Children

Hemorrhoids in children are however not so common but are not impossible too. It can be easily seen in a child too. Hemorrhoids in children are mainly due to constipation and improper nutrition. When a child does not receive adequate fiber, vitamins, and minerals in his or her diet. He becomes more prone to hemorrhoids. Constipation and diarrhea are the main reason for a child to develop hemorrhoids. You can easily see a child complaining about his stomach issue; which is constipation. The symptoms of hemorrhoids in children are the same as in adults. 

Parents come to know that their child is suffering from hemorrhoids when the child complaints that is having a problem in the toilet. An intense pain while passing the stool, followed by bleeding in the anus is commonly seen in children. Blood traces on the toilet seat are an eye-opening among the parents. Bleeding from the rectum is very common among children. The blood which comes out is bright red. Bleeding often occurs while the child defecates. Anal itching is another very common symptom you can see in a child. Due to constant itching, it becomes very difficult to heal the hemorrhoids completely. 

You will see that after a certain period, your child would start avoiding the toilets. This will make him more constipated, making the condition worse. Tell your child to not to sit for too long on their classroom bench. Sitting for too long without any movement is another cause of hemorrhoids. 

How to permanently remove the symptoms of hemorrhoids in children

If you think that the permanent solution for hemorrhoids in children is surgery, then the answer is simply no. Surgery has multiple physical and emotional side effects. Children are very tender they would be unable to withstand, the ill effects of surgery. 

The best way to remove hemorrhoids in children is to alter their diet. Try to include more fruits, vegetables, fiber along with fluids in their diet. Some excellent sources of fiber include beans, cereals, and lentils. Try to give your child more fruit and vegetable juice. Juices are the best way to increase the amount of liquid in the body of the child. 

To maintain hygiene, you must clean the anus of your child. This may not help to cure hemorrhoids. However, it is quite effective in soothing the itch and the pain of the anus. 

Berries Help In Constipation?

The following are some of the food items which you must include in your child’s diet. This will help to heal the hemorrhoids sooner. Berries help to cure constipation. As they contain vitamin C, they help in strengthening the blood capillaries. Some spices are also beneficial which includes garlic, ginger, and onion. Along with this, you can also feed your child baked potato or mashed potato which is enriched with fiber. As we have already discussed that hemorrhoids in children are rare but not impossible. You need to take care of your child. As soon as you experience symptoms in your child, immediately you need to consult the best Ayurvedic doctor. 

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